Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Mask 20ml*5ea



White ginseng’s brightening effect brings out your skin’s hidden luminosity

A youthful brightness achieved from flawlessly translucent skin

Brightens and lifts for clear, firm skin after use. Experience flawlessly translucent skin.
[Brightening Cosmetic]

Mask sheet infused with white ginseng extract fermented for 2 weeks

Through 2 weeks of fermentation with white ginseng extract, this advanced bio-cellulose mask locks in moisture and key brightening ingredients for a long lasting effect.

Effortlessly adheres to the skin

The ultra-fine mask adheres comfortably sticks to your face like an extra layer of skin, while its brightening formula quickly absorbs into the skin.

How to use

Use up to twice weekly,

after applying Snowise Brightening Water. Leave on for twenty minutes. After removing mask, gently pat remaining essence onto skin.