Soybean energy neck cream 80ml



What it is

1. Highly-enriched, fermented, and undiluted Jeju soybean solution for firming effect
The fermented, undiluted Jeju soybean solution that's been through four highly concentrated stages enhances elasticity for firm, dense skin.

2. Fermented Jeju soybean oil for radiant skin
Micronized fermented Jeju soybean oil strengthens skin barrier while making the skin radiant and healthy-looking.

3. For smartphone users, neck cream is a must!
If you are concerned about deepening neck wrinkles due to repeatedly lowering your head, address them with non-sticky Soybean energy neck cream.

How to use

Spread over neck evenly and massage from bottom up until completely absorbed.

  1. soybean essence
  2. soybean oil
  3. skin
  4. lotion
  5. eye serum
  6. cream
  7. neck cream

Background on Natural Fermentation of Jeju's Indigenous Soybeans

Green soybeans rich in antioxidants are indigenous to Jeju Island. They have been known to be well-suited to fermentation. These green soybeans have been reborn by innisfree's natural fermentation science from a 620m height of Halla Mountain where temperate climate and polar climate meet. Jeju green soybeans' fermented extract from 300-day fermentation and 4-step high concentration process provides an excellent anti-aging effect to tighten skin, and strengthens the skin barrier with soybean oil generated in the fermentation process to make skin elastic and radiant. SEE FULL INGREDIENTS