SEO RI TAE Skin-refining Cream 50ml



Surrounding image
Seoritae fermented mucus  + seoritae anthocyanins, 
healthy skin brings saegyeol

Experience the triple action of Sealitang Fermentation Mucus  and Seurantan 
Anthocyanin found in the traditional bean fermentation principle (tired skin coating + youthful skin care + moisturizing protection) 

Image of cream

Cream of the skin that strengthens the skin's self- sustenance

The frosted, soaked beans and the seawater's powerful protective energy 
strengthens the skin barrier and 
protects the skin from changing external factors .

Madecaso side image

Madecaso side prescription refreshing skin care effect

One person tiger grass, Centella asiatica extract in 
the Madeira side CASO seoritae fermented mucus  and 
will meet saegyeol to realize a healthy skin.

Image of cream

Soft-coated formulation
coated with soft vegetable butter

Dawn image

A dawn frost, 
which is reminiscent of a frosty frost falling in