Rice Essential Skin Softner 150ml



A deep moisturizing skin that is made by fermenting Yeoju rice and filling the skin with moisture

It's a real problem.

Hanryu rice essence skin

Raw material
Moisturizing Rice Rice
Water, wind, sunshine - 
Korea's natural moisturizing raw material

I found moisturizing raw rice in the nature of Korea. In the rice fields where water is moisturized, the rice grown with moisturizing energy conveys the moisture to the skin.

mountainous district
Nature of High Quality Rice Growing
nature of high - quality rice growing up to the king

I went to Yeoju, where Gyeonggi Province and many mountainous Gangwon provinces meet to find excellent quality moisturizing raw rice. The clear water of Yeoju, the land filled with organic matter, and the clear day-to-day difference are natural things for rice to grow.

Processing method
8 days fermented yeast
8 days fermentation

Korean process for better and more moisturizing

Yeoju rice was fermented for 8 days with red yeast for more moisturizing. This dark red juice is made with a strong skin barrier to keep the moisture tight and tight.

Rice cultivation story

"Rice is nurturing nature. 
The rice grows well 
when the unripe planting winds let the rice go well and the rice paddles water and sunlight.

- The story of a rice grower -

A rice farmer's farming diary 
containing a 50-year philosophy of growers who think of good rice

Rice image