Rice Essential Skin Moisture Cream 50ml



Water, wind, sunshine - Korea's natural moisturizing raw materials, rice

In Yeoju, where Gyeonggi-do is filled with water and mountainous Gangwon-do, water flows through the clear and clean Namhan River, and sediments flowing through streams and mountains are filled with organic matter. Because of this nature, our rice grown with the moist and nutritious food was climbed up to the quality of our products with excellent quality, and it was loved by Korean women lotion for a long time. And after a long period of research, it is used as a moisturizing raw material to add deep and deep moisturizing to the skin.

Hanyu Rice Essence Skin Cream 50ml / Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Cream / Starts the agony of the skin Improves the 'dryness' to promise you a moist and comfortable skin