Rice Essential Skin Emulsion 125ml



Water, wind, sunshine - Korea's natural moisturizing raw materials, rice

In Yeoju, where Gyeonggi-do is filled with water and mountainous Gangwon-do, water flows through the clear and clean Namhan River, and sediments flowing through streams and mountains are filled with organic matter. Because of this nature, our rice grown with the moist and nutritious food was climbed up to the quality of our products with excellent quality, and it was loved by Korean women lotion for a long time. And after a long period of research, it is used as a moisturizing raw material that adds a deep and deep moisturizing effect to the skin.

Hanyu Rice Essential Skin Emulsion 125ml / Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Emulsion / Beginning of skin anxiety Improvement of 'dryness' promises you moist and comfortable skin
  1. 1 Forcomfort, I found rice in nature in Korea.

    The rice that grows in a rice paddy that goes through clean rivers has been a moisturizing raw material that has been loved by Korean women since ancient times. Among them, Yeoju rice, which is known for its excellent quality, gives you a beneficial and moisturizing power to your skin.

  2. 2 For a morenutritious moisturizing, Yeoju rice was fermented red.

    We made good quality rice paddy rice with red yeast for 8 days and made 'red rice essence'. The rich nutrition of this red rice juice delivers deep moisture and nutrients to the skin, and gives a firm moisturizing effect to the skin like rice rice in our body.

  3. 3 For asmooth moisturizer, I made a soft formulation with dorom.

    I wanted to deliver a moisturizing feeling that gently wraps the rough skin due to drying, so I made high moisturizing, high nutrition emulsion. Hanryu rice essence emulsion is absorbed by conveying rich nutrients to the skin while softening and softening the skin like rice cakes. After being absorbed, the rough skin has a smooth moisturizing film.

  4. 4 Forthe comfort of mind, I have filled the scent of 'Yeoju's Wind'.

    Moisturizing emulsion used daily in the morning and evening thought that moisture should be felt from incense. Feel the soft scent of the soft pussy that is somewhat moistened to your heart.

    The wind blows in the fields of Yeoju where the warm sunshine is wrapped.  The dewy rice is moist, but the rice's softness leaks out.  Imagine standing in the nature of Yeoju where you can hear the sound of rice paddling.  Top: Green Green Note Middle: Green and Sour White Floral Base: Green Green Powdery Floral
    • The fragrance of Hanryu rice juice moisturizing line was developed with 106 consumer panels in Amorepacific incense lap.