Pure Morning Gel Cleanser 200ml



Purely pure morning gel cleanser

It is a weak acidic hypoallergenic cleanser that keeps sensitive skin moisturizing 
after cleansing . (* pH error range 5.5 - 6.5)

A soothing pure morning gel cleanser placed on shallow water

Four tests complete(dermatology, hypoallergenic, sensitive panel, 
alternative to anesthesia)

10 Ingredients free(fragrances, pigments, silicone oils, PEG surfactants, 
sulfate surfactants mineral oils, animal raw materials, 
polyacrylamides, imidazolidinyl urea, 

Moisture Gel Formulation rate of pure morning gel cleanser

It is a water-gel formulated with a natural-derived surfactant. A 
small amount of bubbles cleans the skin gently and lightly, 
leaving it moist without rubbing after rinsing.

Han Rye Pure Line Products
Han Rui pure line

is made for customers who have difficulty choosing cosmetics with sensitive skin . 
In order to make products that are milder, better, and more comfortable, we have made every effort to produce 
raw materials and ingredients.

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