Moonlight Citrus Five days Sheet Mask 5ea



Product Features

Natural fermentation Yuza Su ™ is full of energy in tired skin ~ Yuza skin oil has plenty of moisturizing and gentleness to the skin ~ The natural moon flavor of yuzu citron delights the mind

Moonlight citron oil sheet mask

I want to leave only benefit and comfort to you,

It uses only yuzu (Geographical Indication No.14) of Gohung, Jeollanam-do where warm sunshine and clear and gentle sea breeze are ripe with incense and color.

Yuzu is a fruit of our country which is rich in vitamins and is harvested in November and can be saved for 2-3 months.

※ Geographical indications: Indication that a product is originating from a territory, region or province when the quality, reputation or other characteristics of the product originate from an essentially geographical origin

Prescription for eliminating skin fatigue & vitality of the Moonlight Citron line

Citron peel oil

Collect thick bunch of citron and collect the oil without squeezing anything.

To obtain 1 kg of citron peel oil, 22,500 * citron are needed.

The fragrance and color of the moonlight citron line is that of the citron peel oil itself without any artificial ingredients.

* Citron 10kg box Size The number of citron = 70 ~ 80 (Approximately 133g per fry)

Natural fermented citron ™

Just clean the yuzu skin and cut it straight.

Maintain 30 ℃ for 10 days and ferment as it is to obtain natural Fermented Citron ™.

The key efficacy of the moonlight citron line, which adds energy to weary skin and recharges its vigor, begins here.

The rate of moonlight citron oil sheet Mask secret water (water) & oil (oil) double care

Natural fermented citrus fruit ™ 20ml

We have a lot of natural fermented Yuzasu ™ that adds energy to tired and tired skin in the upper pouch. You can see the natural fermented Yuza-su ™ filled with vitality energy in a transparent pouch.

Citron peel oil 4ml

Moisturizing Moisturizing Moisturizing Moisturizing Moisturizing Moisturizing Oil is packed in the lower pouch. Fold the part of the oil pocket and mix it with natural fermented Yuzu can ™ and yuzu peel oil.

It is a sheet mask of unique use that mixes two formulations by exploding the pouch containing oil. Feel the double care effect of two different formulations at the first time.

The double-sheet sheet absorbs the two-component formulations and tightly conveys the moonlight citron oil sheet mask

Comfortable and effective double-pit sheet to absorb both citron and oil formulations

It has a strong adhesion like my skin and a moisture-free moisture until it peels off.

How to use

. Fold the bottom portion of citron oil twice.

. Stretch the folded part with both hands firmly, and push the citron oil toward the seat.

. The citrus juice and the oil are mixed well and rub in a circular shape so that they penetrate evenly on the sheet.

. Remove the sheet and attach it to your face and remove it after 15 ~ 20 minutes.

★ [Important] Please absorb the contents left on the skin with your finger enough. The citron oil shavings remain thin, soothes the skin comfortably and comfortably overnight.

. Use once a week as a special care.

. When skin is unusually tired, it is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week.

Night with a moonlight citron oil sheet mask, spend like this.

1. One or two times a week, a time of true rest for my skin

2. Make-up before base makeup

3. If you finish the sleep pack packed, you will be able to work on the skin barrier

Feel the moonlight citron scent with deep breath