Moonlight Citron Sleeping Mask



Moonlight Citron Sleep Pack

I want to leave only benefit and comfort to you,

It uses only yuzu (Geographical Indication No.14) of Gohung, Jeollanam-do where warm sunshine and clear and gentle sea breeze are ripe with incense and color.

Yuzu is a fruit of our country which is rich in vitamins and is harvested in November and can be saved for 2-3 months.

※ Geographical indications: Indication that a product is originating from a territory, region or province when the quality, reputation or other characteristics of the product originate from an essentially geographical origin

Prescription for eliminating skin fatigue & vitality of the Moonlight Citron line

Citron peel oil

Collect thick bunch of citron and collect the oil without squeezing anything.

To obtain 1 kg of citron peel oil, 22,500 * citron are needed.

The fragrance and color of the moonlight citron line is that of the citron peel oil itself without any artificial ingredients.

* Citron 10kg box Size The number of citron = 70 ~ 80 (Approximately 133g per fry)

Natural fermented citron ™

Just clean the yuzu skin and cut it straight.

Maintain 30 ℃ for 10 days and ferment as it is to obtain natural Fermented Citron ™.

The key efficacy of the moonlight citron line, which adds energy to weary skin and recharges its vigor, begins here.

The secret of the moonlight citron sleep pack Yuzu Bitta C Complex ™ & Yuzu Essential Bead ™

Antioxidant power of citron complex

The Moonlight Citron Sleep Pack contains six Gohung Yuzu.

To comfortably and effectively deliver the effects of vitamin-rich citron to the skin, Han-yul prescribed Yuzavita C Complex ™.

It is the secret of sleep pack which releases fatigue piled up in skin.

Deep aroma and moisturization of Yuza Essential Bead ™

Yuzu has been loved for a long time and excellent fragrance.

In order to make the fragrance of citron peel oil more comfortable and complete, Hanryul prescribes Yuza Essential Bead ™.

Even if you are not familiar with oil formulations, Yuza Essential Bead ™, which has a deep, deep aroma and moisturizing power, you can experience the ultimate moisturizing power of oil comfortably.

A moonlight citron sleeping pack resembling a citron

When spread on the face, the moon flavor of citron spreads more deeply.

Yuza Essential Bead ™ that fills deeply with moisturizers

Citron color from citron peel oil

Comfortable gel type base while minimizing stickiness