Lip Balm 4g



Product Features

Nature in Life Nature in 
your life


  • Lip Balm with Natural Flavor
  • Lip Balm with Natural Nature - Young Wormwood
  • Lip Balm with natural ingredients - rice
  • Lip Balm - Natural Beauty
  • Lip Balm that Fills Nature

I have made lip balm that resembles nature.

Lip balm should always moisturize. It gently adheres to your lips and protects your lips with a moist, buttery and natural shine cream.

  • Butter (matte) type: white
  • Crepe (high gloss) type: young wormwood, rice, seaweed, grass

Sunshine, spring rain, wind ... 
We have captured the sensitivity of nature. I want to convey nature to your daily life with lip balm that contains inspiration from natural touch, incense and color

Lip balm is always with you. So I thought it should be the design I always wanted to wear. Meet the lip balm where you want to be with a sensual design that embraces natural sensibility.