Laneige Water Glow Gel Foundation 35g



Product Description

High adhesion water gel foundation makes skin look clear and radiant like baby’s skin as it melts into skin.
1. Real water foundation containing 70% moisture
The innovative texture containing stabilized 70% moisture within the firming gel-type foundation expresses moisturized, clean, radiant cover

2. Amazing adherence even after several reapplications without thickening
Expresses baby-soft, smooth skin texture without creases even after applying several times as the cover powder particles coated with amino acid derivative closely adhere to skin even after applying 4 times without getting thick or cakey

3. Bright, baby-soft cover by accentuating skin’s own tone
Realizes natural cover coloring by individual by blending skin’s own color with micro optimum color powder. * Used No. 21 for the two cases. Expresses naturally bright, clean cover by accentuating skin’s own tone, not a thick cover as if applying poster color.

How to Use

1. Pump once

2. Evenly apply foundation on the diamond zone that connects under the eyes, cheeks, area between eyebrows, and philtrum.

3. Tap with the fingers to make the application closely adhere to skin.

4. Sets an optimal color that matches skin tone by balancing with the color under skin, adhering to skin more with each tap.
*To have high cover, apply after finishing the first layer without thickening or creases.