Laneige Water Drop Tint 6g #09



Product Description

Tint that gives the lips a lively, moist, and supple look the more it is layered onto the lips.

1. Water Fitting Formula for a thin, soft moisture-coating effect!
Water Fitting Formula made up of ethylcelluose creates a flexible, soft coat over the lips, helping them retain higher levels of moisture while helping the color last and stay vibrant.

2. The low-viscosity, high-shine oil works in synergy with the Water Fitting Formula for maximum glossiness!
The high-shine silicone oil seeps between the Water Fitting Formula, creating a glossy layer for maximum effect. The tint glides on without feeling greasy since it feels like water on the lips.
High-shine, low-viscosity oil seeps into the Water Fitting Formula, maximizing its shine so that it appears natural and has a healthy sheen.

How to Use

STEP 1. Use a lip primer to even the fine lines on your lips.

STEP 2. Swipe the tint applicator across the center and inner surface of the lips.

STEP 3. Smack your lips together.

STEP 4. Ombre lips complete!

STEP 5. Apply an additional layer of tint on the lower lip to get the look of having just bitten into a juicy fruit.