Laneige Two Tone Matte Lip Bar 2g



Product Description

Two Tone Matte Lip Bar creates natural two tone gradation with the combination of highly pigmented matte color and velvety lip primer without feeling dry on lips

Feature 1. Sliding blur effect
* Adhering matte color – Optimal matte gradation with sliding blur combination
Creates natural matte gradation with the Sliding blur effect of velvety lip primer on the bottom without feeling dry on the lips while leaving the high pigmented matte look on the center of the lips

Feature 2. Matte outside, moist inside with the gel formula
* The gel formula smoothens wrinkled lips and provides moisturized feel and matte lips
The optimized gel formula made of gel and paste, instead of using powder like the existing matte lipstick, creates comfortable matte lips without feeling dry or chapping by filling the curves of the lips smoothly

Feature 3. Highly vivid color with micro pigment
Long-lasting highly vivid color with fine micro pigmen

How to Use

STEP 1. Lower lip - Make the main color direct the inner side of lip and apply the lip bar 2-3 times.

STEP 2. Upper lip - Likewise, make the main color direct the inner side and apply to lip.

STEP 3. Gradation - Close your lips~

STEP 4. Gradation completed - and open the lips! And blur the color borders and make natural gradation. Artist’s attractive gradation lip makeup, high gloss from inner side of the lips and semi matte texture that keeps the outer line of the lips soft, is done!