Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar 2g



Product Description

Two-tone lip bar for the perfect ombre makeup look

There’s definitely chemistry in this Two/ Tone/ Colors

Two different colors meet and complete Two Tone Lip Bar!
And Two Tone Shadow Bar completes professional gradation makeup with a single touch

1. “Combination of High Glossy and Semi Matte Lipstick”
Complete moisturized, sparkling and glamorous Two Tone Lip with new type of Two Tone Lip that has Two Tone Texture X Two Tone Color of actress’ volume lip secret.

2. Artistic Color match expresses more vivid color
Express high pigmentation through artistic color match and upgraded pure pigment for vibrant lip makeup

3. Quick Touch Gradation
Exclusive oblique cutting by artist’s natural auto gradation

4. Soft and Moisturized text like sorbet
Creamy texture that is smoothly applied to lips and gives moisturized gloss

How to Use

STEP 1. Lower lip
Make the main color direct the inner side of lip and apply the lip bar 2-3 times.

STEP 2. Upper lip
Likewise, make the main color direct the inner side and apply to lip.

STEP 3. Gradation
Close the lips~

STEP 4. Gradation complete
and open the lips! And blur the color borders and make natural gradation. Artist’s attractive gradation lip makeup, high gloss from inner side of the lips and semi matte texture that keeps the outer line of the lips soft, is done!