Laneige Powder Fit Cushion 9g



Product Description

Matte finish as if having applied powder! “Cream to Powder Conversion Cushion” closely adheres to skin like my own skin

1. Cream to powder conversion texture provides a matte finish as if having applied only powder!

2. The ingredient of airy powder comfortably and lightly fits skin as if skin breathes!

3. A single application can make skin look clean by covering blemishes and pores!

4. The effective absorption of sweat and sebum makes makeup last all day long!

5. The mesh cushion provides thin, clump-free, even application!

How to Use

Step 1. Tidy up skin with skincare. (Provide abundant moisture)

Step 2. Take a small amount with the puff by tapping onto the content.

Step 3. Apply on the wide areas of the face in a pushing motion.

Step 4. After applying in a pushing motion, press skin in a tapping motion to increase cover on skin.

Step 5. On areas prone to clumps such as tip of nose and skin around the eyes and mouth, bend the puff and apply in a pressing motion.