Laneige Lash-Fessional Mascara 7g



Product Description

Professional mascara curls up each eyelash, even hidden lashes

"Dual Coiling Brush,“ curling and volume all at once
Curl up the eyelashes high and firm with the red, hard curling brushBlack, soft volume brush provides voluminous, clump-free coating to each eyelash

"Wrapping Volume Formula“ provides air-light volume
The smooth, friction-free formula lengthens the eyelashes smoothly and makes them clump-free even after applying several times

ALL Proof, strong fixation!
Smudge-free, perfect eyelashes resistant to water, sebum, and sweat

As if having curled up each eyelash!
The shorter brush holder and water-droplet handle deliver power more effectively and provide an intricate effect

How to Use

1. Curling - Hold the back of the curve by aligning it with the shape of the eye and apply on the eyelashes, starting from the root and working upward in a zigzag motion.

2. Adding volume - After 15 seconds, reapply starting from the root of the eyelashes.This time, try to maximize volume by placing the curve under the eyelashes.

3. Opening the eyes - With the head part of the brush, apply on the front area of the eye and eyelashes under the eye.

4. Mascara Cleansing - Lightly soak the eyelashes with lukewarm water, and then gently rub to remove mascara from the eyelashes.
*If used with waterproof mascara, it cannot be removed with lukewarm water.