Laneige Homme Blue Energy Duo set



Product Description

LANEIGE HOMME Blue Energy Line Helps Men maintain Their Healthy and Clean Skin with Clear, Strong Vital Power Sourced from the Sea

1. Contains 75.8% Deep Sea Water
Contains 75.8% Deep Sea Water that has remained pure and clean for a long time in the deep sea, to make men’s skin pure and clean.

2. 4X Multi-Function
It provides intensive care for lack of moisture, lack of vitality, declining elasticity, fine wrinkles, and after shaving among the major skin stress factors for men, to make men’s skin healthy and clean.

3. Smooth texture and fresh scent
The moist and smooth texture and the citrus spicy scent provide a clear, refreshing feeling with every use.

How to Use

1) After cleansing in the morning and the evening, take a suitable amount on the palm.

2) apply it on the face and the neck by lightly tapping.