Laneige Homme Active Water Skin Toner 180ml



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Active Water Skin Toner

Freshly showered and subungam like that for optimum skin condition from full 
Laneige Homme Active Water Line 

orderly and calm the skin, rough skin texture and 
refreshing the skin and fill the water

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Active water skins
1. Moisture-filled feeling 
2. Unnecessary skin care and skin calm 
3. Powerful water filling with Active Water Plus

Key Points

Active water skins

A skin that prepares rough skin and calms the skin, 
refreshing and replenishing moisture

Active water skins

  • Key Points 1
    Key Point 1Moisturizing Care
    Provides smooth hydration to prevent dry skin from cleansing and lightly absorbs to moisturize skin.
  • Key Points 2
    Key Point 2Eliminates unnecessary horny skin and calms skin
    Helps remove unnecessary keratin and calms skin  
  • Key Points 3
    Key Point 3Powerful water filling with Active Water Plus
    Active Water Plus provides moisture to the skin and gives skin energy to create a moist skin.

Technical features

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    Newly changed moisture, 
    Active Water Plus
    Zinc-containing formula provides skin energy, and mineral-rich deep-sea water fills skin moisture, creating a moist and vibrant male skin. 
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    Powerful Moisturizing Technology, 
    Anti-Dryness ™
    Laneige Homme's Active Waterline with Anti-Dryness ™ technology is a dual-structured moisturizing ingredient that hydrates the skin and helps to retain the moisture that is supplied to keep skin hydrated.

How to use

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    STEP 1.
    In the morning and evening after cleansing, it removes an appropriate amount in palm.
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    STEP 2.
    Depending on the texture of the skin, tap it gently outwards from the inside of the face to absorb.