Jeju lava seawater cream 50ml



What it is

1. The powerful hydration energy of lava seawater created with the formation of Jeju
The lava seawater containing special minerals activates the moisture energy for an anti-aging effect.

2. High-functional barrier care with three moisturizing factors
Jeju lava seawater reinforces the three moisturizing factors and natural hydrating factors to firm and energize the moisture barrier.

3. Once with the cream and once again with the ceramide capsules.
The cream mixes with the ceramide capsules upon application to moisturize the skin inside and outside, while the translucent gel texture delivers cool moisture to form a solid moisture protective barrier.

What else you need to know

[Certified Functions] Anti-wrinkle (2016000055)

How to use

After lotion, apply an appropriate amount of the cream by popping the ceramide capsules.

  1. skin
  2. essence
  3. lotion
  4. eye serum
  5. cream
  6. mist

Jeju Lava Seawater, the science made by nature
Jeju Lava Seawater, the water containing the pristine energy created at the time of the formation of Jeju 400,000 years ago, has been born again as water beneficial to the skin after undergoing years of effort and research. Deep hydrating anti-aging system stimulates the three hydrating factors to replenish skin with moisture and enhance moisture retention for a moist, firm and dense skin.