Innisfree Wrinkle Science Oil Serum 30ml



What it is

The authentic anti-aging solution that nourishes skin to quench inner dryness and reduce fine wrinkles! 

1. Omega oil, extracted from the sporophyll of Jeju sea mustard 
- Reduces tightening of the inner skin induced by dryness with omega oil derived from Jeju sea mustard, a rich source of essential fatty acids. 
2. Astonishing ingredients of the new Wrinkle Science 
- With the added Jeju omega oil containing antioxidant omega-3 and Jeju sea mustard ferment extract, which firms the skin, the formula enhances the skin’s natural ability to regenerate. 
3. Oil formula with a clean finish 
- The fast-penetrating formula that leaves nothing behind makes a great choice for oily and combination skin as well.

What else you need to know

The key ingredient to wrinkle & lifting science 
─ (Marine double-defense™) 

Women divers under the blazing sun and in the salty ocean. 
Their stressed skin was soothed and protected by using seaweed, particularly the mineral-rich and nutritious sea mustard. 

The sporophyll of this sea mustard has been fermented then extracted into oil. The resulting Marine Double-defense™ builds a powerful nourishing barrier to invigorate the skin with energy.

How to use

Use 2 to 3 drops and massage onto your face, and pat lightly for better absorption.