Innisfree Real Fit Matte Liquid 3.5g



What it is

1. Intense color pigments blend tightly to maintain the original color 

Extra Lasting Film Former meets rich color to finely blend onto the lips, giving a long lasting fresh color. 

2. Weightless, slim and even texture 

Light Spreading Oil quickly glides across the lips to complete matte lip makeup in the simplest way. 

3. Moist formula with a matte finish 

The moist formula gives a matte finish to enable various lip makeup from a gradient look to full lips. 

4. Long lasting dewiness from plant-based oil 

Excellent hydration by camellia, jojoba and sea cactus oil allows long-wear without feeling dry. 

How to use

1. Gradient lips: 
Dot on the center of the upper lip and blend outwards by closing the lips a few times to complete a natural gradient look. 
2. Full lips: 
Outline the lips using the diagonal edge on the back of the wand, then fill in the color with the diagonal surface to finish a full lip makeup without lip liner.