Innisfree Real Fit Creamy Lipstick 3.3g




What it is

1. Moist and comfortable fit with vegetable oil ingredients 
Vegetable oil with a light finish smoothly and moistly aligns with your lips. 

2. Distinct fit with clear and bright colors 
Clear and bright colors fit the lips vividly with a single touch, and the colors remain clear without clumping even when reapplied multiple times. 

3. Vibrant fit without drying for a long time 
Highly-adhesive polymer veils the oil ingredients and forms a clear moisture barrier, maintaining vivid colors without drying for a long time.

What else you need to know

*The round section at the bottom of the product is a design element to confirm color. Please do not open it because it is not used for lip gloss. 

How to use

Slightly twist up the product and gently apply on the lips.