Innisfree Lifting Science Anti-Aging Band (For Smile Lines) 7ea



What it is

1. 1-week human study on anti-aging efficacy completed 
- In just a week, your skin experiences a lifting effect with improved elasticity and a well-moisturized softness along the smile lines and lip contour. 
2. A special design for each facial area 
- Designed to suit the area with endless movements that produce loss of elasticity and the resulting smile lines, the band provides a powerful lifting effect. 
3. A technology to enhance skin absorption of active ingredients 
- The band is applied with a technology that features a high moisture shielding ability to promote the effective skin absorption of active ingredients.

What else you need to know

The key ingredient to wrinkle & lifting science 
─ (Marine double-defense™) 

Women divers under the blazing sun and in the salty ocean. 
Their stressed skin was soothed and protected by using seaweed, particularly the mineral-rich and nutritious sea mustard. 

The sporophyll of this sea mustard has been fermented then extracted into oil. The resulting Marine Double-defense™ builds a powerful nourishing barrier to invigorate the skin with energy.

How to use

① When applying Wrinkle science spot treatment, gently pat to promote full penetration and for better results. 
② Stretch the nasolabial folds and mouth contour slightly, then attach the grooved part of the band close to the nose wing. 
③ Fix the circular handle to direct it upwards to the center of the cheek, then attach the rest of the band by having the narrow tail coating the nasolabial fold and mouth contour. 
④ After 30-60 minutes, remove the band slowly.