Innisfree Forest For Men Grooming Soothing Mask 32ml




1. Soothing care for sensitive skin on shaving area! 
Moisturizes to soothe sensitive and rough skin on the shaved area with panthenol, madecassoside and bamboo extract. 

2. Custom-shaped sheet to cover down to men’s O-zone 
The sheet is large enough to cover and provide skincare on the entire face down to the O-zone of the chin. 

3. Sheet mask derived from phytoncid PT CELL 
Sheet mask derived from phytoncid effectively delivers active ingredient as it adheres to skin 

4. Phytoncide ingredient to relieve skin fatigue 
Phytoncide-rich ingredient from Jeju-native pine, cedar and cypress trees relieves skin fatigue and keeps the skin refreshed. 


1. Unfold and remove mesh from the mask. 
2. Place the sheet mask over the entire face avoiding eye and lip area. 
3. Attach the bottom part of the mask to the chin and jawline area. 
4. Leave on for 10-20 minutes. Gently remove the mask and pat for further absorption.


Unique Ecosystem, Gotjawal Story 

Gotjawal is a word derived from the regional dialect of Jeju Island: the natural forest (Got) and gravel (Jawal). 
As its name imparts, Gotjawal is virgin forest, more specifically, mythical forest green throughout four seasons that serves as the lungs of pure Jeju Island. Feel phytoncide from the pure nature of Gotjawal. Forest For Men with Jeju phytoncide complex brings relaxation to your skin. 

Forest is for rest. 
The 3% of profits from this product goes to protection activities for Gotjawal ecosystem. 

Relaxing effect of natural phytoncide: 
Phytoncide is a substance that plants secrete to protect themselves from outside. It provides refreshing and relaxing effects, helping tired skins of men from stress, smoking and drinking.