Hera Vital Lifting Essential Base Spf15/Pa+ 30ml



Supple skin with added volume: Serum in Emulsion

The creamy texture delivers the highly concentrated yet smooth serum and forms a thin moisture barrier on the skin for deep moisturization.

For a brighter and healthier-looking skin tone

Vital Color System creates a brighter and healthier skin tone with micro-sized glam pearls to instantly correct skin tone for skin that looks younger with added vitality.

For smooth, yet thorough skin tone correction

Double Veil Tech. eases the look of flaking skin with its powerful moisturizing ingredients that prep the skin once again with pore filling gel to create soft and smooth skin. Plus, VitalixirⓇ-B Osmogelline instantly corrects sagging skin complexion and fills in wrinkles.


  1. After skin care, put a dab like that of a size of a bean on the back of the hand.
  2. Apply a small amount on the face in the order of cheeks → forehead → nose → chin.
  3. Use the middle and ring fingers to spread it on the face for it to be absorbed.
  4. Use the middle finger to thinly and evenly apply on eye contours, nose sides, and mouth contour.