Hera Signia Eye Treatment 30ml



HERA SIGNIA EYE TREATMENT is an eye cream with such a smooth glide-on texture that’s quickly absorbed into the skin to delicately take care of the sensitive skin around the eyes for supple and smooth healthy-looking O shape around the eyes.


SIGNIA narcissism skincare technique

  • Take a pearl-sized amount (0.1ml) under one eye, use the inside of your middle and ring fingers to spread over the skin and then massage as described below
  • Apply the eye cream around the eyes in a circle surrounding the eyes and eyebrows. Pull the eyelids upward when applying the cream above them.
  • Use your middle and ring fingers to lightly pat the skin.
  • Finish the massage by gently pressing the inner corners of the eyes using both thumbs.
  • Use: A pearl-sized amount for each eye (0.2ml for both eyes)