Hera Rosy-Satin Cream 50ml



Perfect makeup starts with the perfect cream
Rosy-Satin Cream for skin that's well-moisturized and feels as soft as a rose petal

Perfect makeup starts with the perfect cream<br>Rosy-Satin Cream for skin that's well-moisturized and feels as soft as a rose petal image


The skin you dream of. A skin that is supple outside and dewy inside just like a rose petal

A cream developed by the inspiration of the definition of "Rosy-Satin skin" defined by global make-up artist

Isabelle Pain, a global makeup artist, defines a good skin as the one with a supple outside and dewy inside. We named this skin condition ‘rosy-satin skin,’ and found the method to realize it with a even and healthy skin texture.

Three-dimensional skin texture care that completes smooth and lively skin condition

A cream containing Rosy-Satin Complex helps the turnover of the dead skin cells to care these fine layers, which lose their firmness while also removing unnecessary dead skin cells. Fine skin layers in a dense and even form help skin look healthy and luminous so that the skin has a transparent glow.

Soft texture like mousse cake and delicate rose scent to relax the tired skin of busy modern women

It delivers moisture in a very effective and quick way and also, wraps the skin surface for a silky finish. Its delicate, rose scent stays around the surface of the skin and gives a feeling of relaxing.


  • Use: 0.5ml (the size of ginkgo nut)
  • Gently apply all over the face in the cream step of your skincare routine in morning and at night, and cover the face with your hands to help the skin absorb.