Hera Mineral Multi Bb Spf40 / Pa++ 40ml



Naturally derived mineral powder and ion minerals make the skin smooth and healthy as if you have just bathed in a hot spring

The naturally derived mineral powder that comprises the existing Mineral Multi-BB Cream makes the skin shine. Moreover, the newly added ion mineral complex(magnesium, zinc, calcium, and copper) revitalizes and completely hydrates the skin to make it look its best when reflected with light. This helps brighten up and even out your skin tone. It also makes the skin smooth, healthy, and glowing, with a subtle shiny and translucent effect.

BB Original Cream helps prevent skin problems, a key function of BB creams, for healthy and glowing skin

Hera focuses on preventing skin blemishes, which is one of the major functions of a BB cream. Madecassoside, an ingredient that helps prevent skin problems, has been added to protect the skin from the harmful effects caused by internal and external stimuli. Moreover, it helps create a healthy complexion and strengthen the skin barrier for the skin to instantly recover its vitality and regenerating capacity.

Mild BB cream has completed non-comedogenic test

This BB cream has completed non-comedogenic test and recommended for customers who experience various skin problems, such as sensitive and damaged skin, or skin with pimples. It is a mild and nonirritating BB cream with a soft and smooth texture that can be easily absorbed by the skin.


Release an appropriate amount in the last step of skincare and apply on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin to smoothly apply from the center of face and another layer on the layer with blemishes.