Hera Homme Purifying Cleansing Foam 125ml



Refreshing cleansing foam working as both facial cleanser and shaving cream

  • It is a dual cleansing foam that thoroughly cleanses the skin with fine textured foam while its polymers keep the skin smooth and comfortable during shaving.
  • Mild amino acid type cleansing ingredients effectively remove excess sebum and dirt from the skin, and menthol cools down and soothes the skin that’s easily damaged from shaving.


  • Wash the face with lukewarm water, take an adequate amount on the hands to make a lather and gently massage the face with it in a circle motion.
  • Thoroughly massage the T-zone (forehead and bridge of the nose) where excess sebum is produced.
  • Use lukewarm water to rinse off the cleansing foam and wash the face again with cold water.
  • Use: 0.7ml (diameter: 2cm)