Hera HD Perfect Powder Pact Finishing Touch - No.01 Skin Beige 7g



Pore control for firm and supple looking skin

Pore-lock system with an innovative sebum-bag controls the composition of sebum-dirt inside pores and keeps the skin healthy with skin-tightening effect. Plus, it covers up dull shade on the skin caused by pores and wrinkles to create a smooth skin texture with volume, like it's been lifted up.

Delicate and elaborate touch for a bright and smooth skin texture

HERA HD PERFECT POWDER PACT FINISHING TOUCH sets makeup like the work of professional makeup artists. Amazingly light and thin Vanishing Powder coats makeup to keep the luminous radiance created with foundation. It completely covers up pores and makes the skin look flawless and glowing with shimmering radiance.


  • Put an adequate amount on the puff, dab it over the face.
  • Gently press it on the curved parts of your face.