Hera Beauty Boosting Facial Oil 30ml



Creates makeup-ready skin by making skin silky-soft and radiant

This product containing Fast-to-go Formula realizes natural skin expression by providing non-sticky radiance to the skin as it is absorbed fast upon application. It expresses elastic skin before applying makeup.

Provides excellent moisturizing effect to the skin with its light, fresh texture

This product delivers moisture and radiance to the skin and tidies up the skin texture by taking care of dry, flaky skin with its light fresh texture.

Boats Cell-Bio GlowTM, the harmony of four natural oils derived from plant sources

This product contains Cell-Bio GlowTM that mixes four natural plant oils – coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, and Rosa canina flower oil – to give the skin a healthy glow and smoothen the skin texture.


  • Take a few drops of the oil (one drop from the pipette) onto your hands and gently rub.
  • Once you feel the warmth in your hands, gently press over the face with them to help the skin absorb the oil. (Use after applying a serum.)
  • Use: 0.2mL (one drop from the pipette)

In the morning TIP

  • Gently apply across U-zone and both cheeks after using a serum.
  • Use your fingertips to tap the face for better absorption.
  • It will be quickly absorbed to keep the skin looking supple and glowing all day long.

At night TIP

  • Apply across the face and neck after using a serum.
  • Nourish the face with, for example, moisturizing cream after using the oil.
  • It will create a firm moisture barrier over the skin to help it stay moisturized for long hours without losing moisture.
  • You may see a haze formed inside the product as it is frozen by low temperature and melts, but it is safe to use. Shake it well before use.

How to make use of BEAUTY BOOSTING FACIAL OIL to the fullest

Glowing skin makeup with UV MIST CUSHION

Add 1-2 drops of the BB Oil to the cover of UV MIST CUSHION, mix it with the foundation using the puff and apply for smooth and glowing skin.

CELL ESSENCE and BB Oil together for makeup ready skin

Put CELL ESSENCE into an empty facial mist bottle and add 5 drops of the BB Oil. Spray the mist at least 20cm away from the face in a circular motion and gently pat to help the skin absorb.