Hera Aquabolic Refreshing Emulsion 120ml



Refreshing emulsion providing deep hydration for the skin

It is a refreshing moisturizing toner with lotus extract that instantly delivers fresh moisture to delicate and dry skin.

Oil-moisture balancing and skin firming effects for healthy skin full of moisture

It restores the balance between oil and moisture in the skin to keep it in its ideal conditions while beta-glucan improves the skin’s firmness.

Moist texture leaving the skin feeling nicely refreshed without stickiness

Its fast-absorbing texture provides a boost of moisture and leaves the skin looking clear and bright with a nice refreshing sensation.


  • Put a small amount on both cheeks, forehead and chin after using the toner in the morning and at night, and apply by massaging in a circular motion.
  • Use: 0.4ml (pump 1-2 times, diameter: 1.5cm)