Hera Aquabolic Essential Emulsion 120ml



Essential moisturizing lotion for deep hydration and nourishment of the skin

It is a deep hydration lotion providing both moisture and nourishment to the dry rough skin, so it can feel moisturized and look glowing again.

Smooth moisturizing barrier comprising of betaine and natural botanical oil

Betaine is effective in strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier and boosting the moisturizing effect. It is combined with natural botanical oil to build a layer of moisture over the skin to keep it healthy.

Rich texture smoothly and delicately melting into the skin

Smooth rich texture is completely absorbed into the skin to deliver deep hydration and soften the skin texture.


  • Put a small amount on both cheeks, forehead and chin after using the toner in the morning and at night, and apply by massaging in a circular motion.
  • Use: 0.4ml (pump 1-2 times, diameter: 1.5cm)