Geuk jin Emulsion 125ml



Geuk Jin Emulsion

More precious fermented ginseng microcapsules made camp 
is filled with dense emulsion to give your skin nutrition without filling gaps 
enriched nutrition and anti-aging gotanryeok emulsion that gives a shiny skin

Super emulsion product
Super emulsion product

1Strengthening skin elasticity and strengthening beauty

The more gentle fermented ginseng ingredient is gently penetrated, 
firmly holds the elasticity of the 
skin, and adds moisture to the skin and moisturizes it.

Ginseng, pumpkin

2Glossy beauty full of nutrition

is filled with the nutrients of the skin of the raisin ingredients and the skin that is gentle , and it 
conveys the natural shine which is visible to the naked eye .

Number of ginseng

3Moisturize the skin with soothing moisture

The ginseng water component 
smoothes out the skin texture that is caused by the dryness of the skin that is easily found by aging of the skin 
, calms the skin moist and calms you to a healthy complexion 

Mother's wisdom

Maturation and AnnouncementOld mothers did not use precious ginseng. 
In order to further enrich the efficacy of ginseng, we have earned a 
valuable reputation for the sincerity of fermentation . In addition, before fermentation, to 
soften the structure of ginseng to improve the efficiency of fermentation, the 
ginseng was aged in self- titration, and added deeper qualities to the qualities. 
Premium anti-aging pampering is as gentle as the precious value of ginseng.

Ginseng that has been aged in a pot