Forest for men moisture special skin care set



What it is

This set contains:
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Forest for men moisture skin 180ml
Forest for men moisture lotion 120ml

Forest for men moisture shaving and cleansing foam 50ml

How to use

[shaving&cleansing foam] Before shaving, create lather and apply onto your beard to make it supple. When cleansing, work into lather to apply onto entire face. Rinse with lukewarm water afterwards.
[skin] After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount onto hand and evenly spread over face.
[lotion] After skin toner, pump twice and evenly spread over entire face.

  1. foam
  2. skin
  3. lotion

Unique ecosystem, Gotjawal STORY
Gotjawal, a combination of the words "got (meaning a natural forest)" and "jawal (meaning gravel)" in Jeju dialect, serves as a lung of clean Jeju Island because it stays green throughout four seasons while looking like a fantastic primeval forest.

Feel the phytoncide reminiscent of the clean Gotjawal forest. Forest for Men with Jeju phytoncide complex gives a rest to fatigued skin. Forest is for rest.

Naturally-derived phytoncide scent for relaxing effect
Phytoncide, which is an antibiotic substance that plants give off in the air to defend themselves from the outside, has a refreshing and relaxing effect to benefit men's skin tired by stress, smoking and drinking.

Some of the proceeds from the sales are donated to preserve Gotjawal's ecosystem. SEE FULL INGREDIENTS