forest for men moisture all in one essence



What it is

1. Anti-wrinkle + firming + pore care + whitening + moisturizing in one product 
5 in 1 solution takes care of wrinkles, loose pores, dull skin tone and other aging-related concerns at the same time while making the skin clean and firm. 

2. Pore care 
Siberian plant peptide firms up the pores that get loose with age 

3. Anti-skin stress care 
Jeju phytoncide complex relieves skin stress caused by frequent shaving, and phytoncide scent makes you feel refreshed as if walking into the woods.

How to use

Pump an appropriate amount and gently smooth over from inner to outer areas of face.


Unique ecosystem, Gotjawal STORY 
Gotjawal, a combination of the words "got (meaning a natural forest)" and "jawal (meaning gravel)" in Jeju dialect, serves as a lung of clean Jeju Island because it stays green throughout four seasons while looking like a fantastic primeval forest. 

Feel the phytoncide reminiscent of the clean Gotjawal forest. Forest for Men with Jeju phytoncide complex gives a rest to fatigued skin. Forest is for rest. 

Naturally-derived phytoncide scent for relaxing effect 
Phytoncide, which is an antibiotic substance that plants give off in the air to defend themselves from the outside, has a refreshing and relaxing effect to benefit men's skin tired by stress, smoking and drinking. 

Some of the proceeds from the sales are donated to preserve Gotjawal's ecosystem.