Cover Foundation SPF15 PA+ 30ml



Covering Foundation SPF 15 PA +
  1. 1Perfect cover for 5 kinds of skin troubles

    It covers all five kinds of skin troubles (skin tone, wrinkles, dullness, pores, skin texture) of women with the covering technique of the rate cover which finely and finely disperses the pigment particles finely and densely .

  2. 2long-lasting cover effect

    In the morning it wakes up in a freshly creased condition, and it is expressed as a bright, flawless skin that has just been cremated all day long with an incredible lasting effect that looks like it has been cremated for a long time.

  3. 3Close to my skin, confident in close range

    With amazing skin adhesion that I have never experienced before, it is as close as my skin and completesmy own skin at close range .