Brown Pine Leaves Optimizing Serum 60ml



Brown pine needles
4G brown pine needles, natural aging solution 

Anti-aging, antioxidant excellent brown pine needles material content increased 1.67 times compared to existing 4G brown pine needles, natural aging solution  a more powerful anti-aging effects

Brown pine needles

high-moisture anti-aging serum that is absorbed freshly

A 100-fold increase in the amount of moisturizing raw clusters grown over brown pine trees under pine trees and a whitening clear skin filled with transparent power and moisture by adding whitening functional ingredients

After the use of the original parenteral solution for 4 weeks

The proportion of the improved test subjects: skin clarity -93.9%, skin texture -95.4%, skin wrinkles -97.2%, skin tone -100%, water content -100%
After 4 weeks of use of the original solution, the skin antioxidant index increased by 61.7%
  • * Testing institution: Ai-i Korea Co., Ltd.

  • * Subjects: 22 women aged 35-48

  • * Testing period: June 12 - July 10, 2017