Innisfree Face Designing Duo 9.5g



Completes three-dimensional face line that soft luster comes out

- Shading: Smooth, natural shades with a small, 
three-dimensional, small face. 
Highlighter: Micro-sized fine pearl powder creates a silky smooth 
face volume.

Smooth adhesion without dusting

A soft texture that 
gently adheres to skin as it melts 
to create a natural face line

Color that lasts all day long

Mineral powder keeps 
the outline make-up of the first day without any spots or dullness

  • No.1

    highlighter & light color shading to complete a soft contour makeup * Recommended: bright skin tone

  • No. 2 

    * Recommended: medium to dark skin tone

  • No. 3

    Light & Deep Color shading to complete a small face with a slender face line 

    * Recommended: all skin tones