Hera White Program Radiance Mask 6ea



Lucid-H ComplexTM for a bright and healthy complexion

With Lucid-H ComplexTM comprising of milk thistle, niacinamide, paper mulberry extracts, vitamin C derivatives and baobab extract, it moisturizes and vitalizes the skin exhausted from the harmful environment and stress.

Nice and thick sheet to boost the effect!

Bio cellulose sheet thickened through fermentation does not tear easily or crumple up when placing it onto the face. Plus, it ensures effective delivery of active ingredients to the skin.

Perfect fit, like a second skin!

It perfectly fits the shape of the face and feels comfortable like a second skin.


  1. Take off one wrap of WHITE PROGRAM RADIANCE MASK.
  2. Gently place the unwrapped side on the face matching the cut-outs to your eyes, nose and mouth.
  3. Carefully remove the outer side.
  4. Remove the mask after about 10-20 minutes and lightly dab to help the skin absorb the remaining essence.

* WHITE PROGRAM RADIANCE MASK may vary slightly in thickness and color because it is made through fermentation.