Hera True Wear Foundation Spf25 Pa++ 30ml



True Fit Complex, An unbelievably light and soft consistency that feels like your own skin

True Fit Complex is delicately blended and flexibly adheres to the skin and offers an innovative consistency with a light and natural finish.

Revitalizing mechanism, A functional foundation with a hydrating, serum-like skin care effect for young-looking skin

Revitalizing mechanism combined with ingredients extracted from daffodils, which bloom even in extreme conditions, and components derived from birch, which has strong vitality, fully hydrates the skin to offer firmness and healthy texture.

Lasting Wear Technology, A long-lasting makeup effect for brilliant and vibrant skin

Lasting Wear Technology, featuring a coating pigment that fights against dullness and a stretch polymer that gives makeup a long-lasting effect, sustains cleanly applied brilliant makeup all day long.

Beauty Effect Pigment, Makes the skin look beautiful by correcting skin texture and tone

Beauty Effect Pigment and strobing powder reflects light and makes the skin brilliant and smooth. Its ultra-fine powder offers a smooth finish for naturally beautiful skin.


  1. After using Magic Starter, release a pea-sized amount onto the back of hand.
  2. Apply onto the cheeks → forehead → nose → chin in small dots.
  3. Use your middle and ring fingers to spread thinly for adherence.
  4. Use the tip of ring finger on the eye area, nostrils, and lip area to finish thinly and evenly.